Convert Model to Truss

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This command converts a Frame model to a Truss. A Truss model has only axial tension (no shear, no bending moment).

Important: Please note that if a Body (Acceleration) Load is present, then a Truss model can have also shear and bending, for example bending of a truss element due to its self weight. In this case, each element acts as a simply supported beam with uniform load on.


In order to convert a Frame model to a Truss, the program automatically makes the following changes to the model:


1.Every node where elements are connected is converted to a Hinge. When N elements are connected to a node, N-1 hinges are added to the N elements, as explained in detail in the following picture.




2.Supports are converted to Truss-Model supports, by releasing any constraints on the rotational Degree of Freedom (RZ-Con). The other two DOFs of each node are not affected. The picture below explains this conversion for every support case in EngiLab Beam.2D.





See the example below.


The picture below shows the initial Frame Model




The picture below shows the Model after it has been converted to a Truss