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An Element connects two Nodes with each other. It can have rotation releases (hinges) at each one of its ends (start i and/or end j) and it has to be assigned a Material and a Section.


The Element properties are the following:



Nodes: Node i (Start Node), Node j (End Node)

Hinges: Hinge i (Hinge at Start Node), Hinge j (Hinge at End Node), each Checked or Not Checked

Length: Length of the Element (Read-only property, calculated automatically by the program based on the locations of the Start and End Nodes)




Add new Element

To add a new Element, select the Material and the Section and type the Start and End Nodes of the new Element. You can optionally add hinges to the new Element. Then click the "Add new Element" button.


Edit an existing Element

You can click on the table and you can easily edit the properties of an already existing Element. Any change you make is automatically reflected to the Model.


Actions for selected Elements

In order to perform these actions, you have to first select the entire row(s) of the corresponding Element(s) and then apply the action.

Divide Element(s): Type the division segments and then click the "Divide" button. You can Divide more than one Elements at a time.

Delete Element(s): Click the "Delete" button. You can Delete more than one Elements at a time.




Elements selection tools

This tab provides tools for the selection of Elements. For example, you can select (add to selection) or deselect (remove from selection) all the Elements that are assigned a specific Material and/or Section.