Import DXF file

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An alternative way to build a Model quickly, is by importing a DXF file. You can draw your Model in a CAD program using simple LINES (and optionally POINTS) and you can import your drawing into EngiLab Beam.2D as a structural Model.


In order to open the "Import DXF file" form, you first have to define at least one Material and one Section. All the LINES of the DXF file will be converted to Model Elements assigned Material 1 and Section 1.





All new Nodes will be free (no constraints, no springs) with no loads on.

All new Elements will be assigned the main Material (Material 1).

All new Elements will be assigned the main Section (Section 1).

All new Elements will have no hinges and no loads on.



Supported DXF file versions:

AutoCAD 2010 DXF

AutoCAD 2007/LT2007 DXF

AutoCAD 2004/LT2004 DXF

AutoCAD 2000/LT2000 DXF



Most probably the DXF Import feature will work without any problems also with newer versions of AUTOCAD DXF files, yet we have not confirmed it yet.