Lite and Pro Editions

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EngiLab Beam.2D comes in two Editions: Lite and Pro. The Lite Edition is completely free, but it has limitations compared to the full Pro Edition, as described in detail below.


Lite Edition

Free of charge, available for download at

Only for non-profit use (personal, academic or educational purposes). It may not be used for any commercial purposes.

Analysis limitations: The Lite Edition can open, save and modify any structural Model. Its input files are exactly the same as the ones of the Pro Edition. Yet, the Lite Edition can only analyze small Models of up to 10 Nodes, 3 Materials and 3 Sections.

No missing features: You get the real experience of the Pro Edition. All the functions of the Pro Edition are present also in the Lite Edition. No trial version banners printed anywhere, no annoying pop-ups, no hidden fees.

Ideal for: Students and Hobbyists who need to analyze small models, or Professional Engineers who would like to test the Program before purchasing the Pro Edition.

Technical Support for the Lite Edition is only provided via email at


Pro Edition

The Pro Edition is available for purchase at

It can be used for any purpose (personal, academic, educational or commercial use)

No modeling limitations: The Pro Edition can analyze any structural model (Unlimited number of Nodes, Materials and Sections).

Ideal for: Professional Engineers, Universities, Students, Researchers, Hobbyists who wish to analyze models without any limitations.

Priority Technical Support is provided within 24 hours via email at, or by phone.