Nodal Loads

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Point loads can only be NODAL loads (acting on Nodes). To define a load (FX, FY and/or MZ) at a specific point, first a Node must have been defined at that location.


The Nodal Load properties are the Loads in each Degree Of Freedom (DOF) of the Node (Sign convention: Global axes):


dof_1 Force FX

dof_2 Force FY

dof_3 Bending Moment MZ




Add new Nodal Load

To add a new Nodal Load, specify the Node ID and then type the FX, FY and MZ values of the Nodal Load set. Then click the "Add Nodal Load" button.


Actions for selected Nodal Loads

In order to perform these actions, you have to first select the entire row(s) of the corresponding Nodal Load(s) and then apply the action.


Delete Nodal Load(s). Click the "Delete" button. You can Delete more than one Nodal Loads at a time.





Nodal Loads selection tools

This tab provides tools for the selection of Nodal Loads. For example, you can select (add to selection) or deselect (remove from selection) all the Nodal Loads that have FX, FY and/or MZ values.