Ready to-analyze Examples

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In the folder \Examples (which is located where the program was installed), you can find ready-to-analyze EngiLab Beam.2D input files (*.bea) that you can open and analyze within EngiLab Beam.2D.

There are 18 example files in total


How to open and Analyze an example:

From the FILE menu, select Open.

Open the Examples folder (Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\EngiLab\EngiLab Beam.2D 2018 Lite\Examples for the Lite Edition and C:\Program Files (x86)\EngiLab\EngiLab Beam.2D 2018 Pro\Examples for the Pro Edition.

Select a .bea file to open.

After the file is opened, click the RunAnalysis (Analyze) button to analyze the model.


After the analysis is finished:

Click N, V or M to see the Axial Force Diagram, Shear Force Diagram or Bending Moment Diagram.

N: Axial Force Diagram

V: Shear Force Diagram

M: Bending Moment Diagram


Click Deformation3 to see the deformed shape of the Model.

Deformation3: Deformation


Click F to see the Free Body Diagram of the Model.

F: Free Body Diagram


Click GenericVSEditor_9905 to see the analytical results. The results include the following tabs:

Node Displacements

Element End Forces

Support Reactions

Full Report (RTF)

Analysis Validation