Results (Settings)

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Available settings:


Element local forces sign convention

Determines how the sign of the element local forces will be reported in the Analysis Results. There are two options:


1. Use the sign convention of the N, V, M diagrams. For example, the convention could be as shown below.



for Axial Force


for Shear Force


for Bending Moment


The above is only an example of these settings, as the sign convention for the diagrams can be changed by the user. See NVM Diagrams (Settings).


2. Use the sign convention of the Finite Element Analysis (Element local axes), as shown below. This sign convention cannot change.





Full Analysis Report (RTF) - Use Color or Black & White

Applies only for the Full Analysis Report in RTF. You can choose to use color to highlight special items (Constraints, Springs, Hinges) or only Black and White without highlighting special items.