• There is an error about some DLL files not found during the operation of a program. What can I do?

The programs need some DLL files (usually located at the Windows System directory) in order to work properly. Some of them are shipped within the installation packages, but in order to minimize download time, we've excluded Visual Basic 6.0 SP5 Runtime files. These files are required, and if you don't have them you can download them from Microsoft clicking here.

  • What units do I have to use? Can I use measuring systems other than the S.I. system (Imperial, etc)?

Sure you can. Both EngiLab Beam.2D and EngiLab Rod.2D can work with any consistent system of units for their data input. The output (results) will also comply to that system of units (See EngiLab Beam.2D / EngiLab Rod.2D documentation under 'System of units' for details).

  • Is it safe to order on-line?

Absolutely. It is safer then placing an order over the phone or even buying anything at retail stores. We don't save your credit card information and can't even view it. All data is transmitted through a secure server by a credit card processor.

  • In EngiLab Beam.2D I need to define a point load within an element. How can I do this? Why point loads have to be given always as nodal loads?

Point loads have to be given always as nodal loads because the program uses a finite elements approach which makes it work better this way. Yet, this is not a problem at all, as you can always use the 'divide elements' tool for this purpose: You can define an element and if you need point loads within the element you can divide it to smaller pieces (e.g. 2 for one load within the element, or 3 for two loads within the element). Using this technique you will get the nodes you need in order to specify the point (nodal) loads in the next modelling step. Note that as a result, the additional nodes will be evenly distributed along the element (at equal distances), but then you can always move them (using the 'move nodes' tool, or adjusting nodes properties) in the appropriate location(s) in order to have the right result.

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