Standard use example

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Example use of the program:


We want to convert 100 feet (ft) to millimetres.


Below are the instructions in order to do that using the program:


1. First, we select the unit category with the radio buttons on top.




In this case, we select the "Length - Distance" category above.


2. We select the input unit from this category, using the input combo menu




In this example, we select the "foot (ft)" unit.


3. We type in the value of the length in feet, as shown below.




After typing the value, we need to press the ENTER key or click on another location on the form for the value to be validated (accepted) by the program.


4. We select the output unit from the category, using the output combo menu




5. The result appears in the Output text box




As shown above, in this example, the result is: 100 ft = 30,480 mm